With CP3 a Clipper, Williams ready to push ego aside


One of the NBA teams I’m most looking forward to seeing next week is the revampedMW Los Angeles Clippers that will feature Chris Paul, Chauncey  Billups, Caron Butler, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan. The thought of CP3 throwing alley-oops to Griffin and Jordan is going to feel like you’re watching an All-Star game anytime your favorite team plays the Clippers.

However, one player who is having an adjustment period is veteran guard Mo Williams. Williams admits he wasn’t so happy when Paul joined the Clips due to the lack of minutes he would be getting. But even he knows this team has a great chance of competing in the NBA so he’ll push his ego aside.

“Obviously, man, your pride is hit,” Williams said. “Then once you get outside of the pride part of it, you start looking at the basketball aspect of it.

“And everybody in the world knows I want to win. Everybody in the world knows that it’s a good move for the city of Los Angeles. It’s a good move for the Clippers organization. Outside of that, outside of my pride, that was just me getting over it.”

I can’t say I blame Mo here for feeling this way. He is a former All-Star, and was a starting point guard for the Clips last season so adjusting to a new role will take time. But adding CP3 just propels the Clips into the playoff race and not to mention it helps rack up the wins. Williams is a veteran so it’s great to see him push his pride aside for the betterment of the team.

If anything, he can take a page out of Manu Ginobili’s book as he has accepted a bench role for the Spurs in past seasons.

Get ready to watch the Clippers take flight San Antonio Spurs fans. In fact, the Spurs will be hosting the Clippers in their second game of the season; so get your tickets fast while they last if you live in San Antonio.