Will the real ‘Screaming Spurs Fan’ please stand up



By now you heard of the "Screaming Spurs Fan" that nearly overshadowed the San Antonio Spurs dramatic Game 1 win over the Golden State Warriors.

Her piercing shrill overpowered the TNT broadcast and she became an Internet sensation overnight. However, a couple of women are claiming to be the infamous screamer.

First off, 1250 ESPN SA's Jason Minnix and Dat Nguyen of "The Blitz" were able to track down a woman claiming to be the shrieking lady and apparently it is Laurie Aguilar of San Antonio.

In their interview, Aguilar states she had no idea her loud shriek gain so much attention, and did say she will be at tonight's Game 2. She also says the whole experience is surreal, and even gave a demonstration of her scream. Click here to listen to Aguilar tell her story with Jason and Dat.

However, Ms. Aguilar isn't the only woman who is claiming to be the screamer.

Val Garcia of San Antonio is also claiming to be the "Spurs Screamer."



Jason Minnix also stated that a couple more have claimed to be THE screamer (click here to read about yet another woman claiming to be the culprit).

Perhaps tonight we shall find out who the mystery woman really is.