Will Splitter be expensive for the Spurs?


With all signs pointing to the San Antonio Spurs 2007 NBA Draft pick, Tiago Splitter, coming to play for the Spurs next season, things are looking good for the team and the anticipation among Spurs fans is climbing.

But will the Spurs have to dig deep into their pockets to sway Splitter to making a concrete decision to make the move to the NBA?

According to an NBA exec, the Spurs will have to offer at least a five-year deal worth $25 to $30 million dollars.

But an exec of a Spurs rival tells the paper that the team will have to offer at least a five-year contract that is worth between $25 million and $30 million to get him to make the move.

There is no doubt Splitter has a stellar resume playing overseas. MVP honors and championships. But if what the exec has to say is true, should the Spurs dish out that kind of money for an unproven NBA player?

(source Express-News)