The Boring Label: Will It Ever Die?


Just like death and taxes, the “boring” label given to the Spurs seems to be certain.  It’s been talked about and written about numerous times and without sounding like a broken record, this topic reared its ugly head yet again.

Sure, the Spurs stress defense and grind out games but this has translated into four NBA titles. I am sure every NBA player and all 30 NBA GM’s would take on the boring label if it meant they were able to rack up four championships since 1999. But when you take a closer look at the Spurs and their players, how can a team with a speed demon like Tony Parker and an exciting player like Manu Ginobili ever be considered anything less.

With that being said, I recently had a conversation with John Karalis of Reds Army about this label on the Spurs. The conversation came about because of a Spurs season preview article from Slam Online, which likely broke world records for the amount of times you can use the word boring in one article.  Here is the conversation.

John:  You know… the Spurs ARE kinda boring

Jeff:  Four titles.

John: What’s the connection to boring and titles?  I didn’t say they’re not good.  They’re just boring.

Jeff:  If boring gets four titles I am sure any team would want to be “boring.” Though the Spurs aren’t.

John:  … but I think he was kinda giving the Spurs a bit of a back-handed compliment. Yes, they’re boring… but they’re effective.  Dude… I have nothing against the Spurs… but they do have a very slow and deliberate style of play.

Jeff:  It gets wins.  It gets titles.

John: No one says it doesn’t.

Jeff:  I am sure the Knicks and other loser teams would take “boring” anytime.

John: Probably.  But it doesn’t make the Spurs any LESS boring.

Jeff:  Look at the Suns.  Run and gun.  Fail.  Warriors.  Run and gun.  More fail.  Mavs have no D and no titles.

John:  I’ve said a million times… I’ve written it too… the run and gun style won’t win.  You get worked up over the boring tag. You’re a great team.  Great and boring.

Jeff:  Ohhh but when the Pistons played D and got the title it was the best and wasn’t boring.

John: Their run wasn’t as long as yours.

Jeff:  Ohhh but when Kobe does interviews and openly says they have to slow the game, play methodical and use defense that’s so awesome in the eyes of NBA fans.

John: You need to chill… take a step back and see what’s actually being said here.  The Pistons had Ben Wallace.. who is very interesting… or at least he was.  And the Piston’s had a short run. The story lines ran out… so did their success… and our ADHD society can move on.  The Spurs have been so good, for so long.  And their leader is Tim Duncan… who is a reserved person.  Their style is slow and deliberate… not flashy at all. After a while… people don’t want to watch that anymore. It’s not a commentary on how good they are.  They’re awesome.

Jeff:  I guess Manu cracking slams on guys, Parker whizzing through teams for acrobatic shots or breaking the ankles of other players, and Mason hitting big time shots is boring

John:  But it’s not particularly entertaining to non-Spurs fans.

Well there you have it Spurs fans.  Why the Spurs are boring from the eyes of a non-Spurs fan.  Thanks to John for being a part of this.  For all your Celtics news please visit

Please leave us your comments on if the “boring” label is warranted or not.  But for all of you who say the Spurs are boring, I will leave you with these “boring” video clips. Enjoy.