Why a Murray-White duo could be the Spurs’ scariest backcourt

Project Spurs illustration

The NBA preseason is almost over and San Antonio Spurs fans have been clamoring and demanding a guard duo be brought out onto the floor. Dejounte Murray and Derrick White have yet to play any minutes together in these mostly meaningless games. While most people predicted that they wouldn’t start together — despite White’s breakout season last year — they are now getting upset that White and Murray haven’t spent any time on the court together.

Don’t fret yet though, as the duo will undoubtedly see some time together during the regular season. They are the two best perimeter defenders on this team and there will be situations that call for them to be on the court at the same time. And it isn’t like they can’t give the Spurs spurts of offense either. Murray’s shot has shown improvement despite missing a year to an ACL tear and White proved that he can run an offense when called upon.

Many Spurs fans are calling for them to start together and they would be a defensive nightmare for other teams. However, they should really only play in tandem when the Spurs need their “Death Lineup” in crunch time. While they complement each other well and would seemingly fit on the court at the same time, it’s not a duo that should be broken out too often.

You have to keep the mystery afloat and playing them too many minutes together would surely lift that shroud of secrecy on really how good they can be together.

But don’t get it twisted, those two together are going to be fun to watch when they eventually end up playing together. You have two point guards who have improving shots and are able to run the offense while still getting after it on the defensive end. It’s the best of both worlds and that should scare other teams when the season finally gets here.


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