Who’s the boss?


I was taking a look at this season’s San Antonio Spurs and I was trying to figure out a handful of things.

Who runs this team?

When they need a basket who is the guy that they’re going to look at?

Who is the face of this team?

The biggest I have been facing is….. who’s the boss?

After lots of scientific analyzing I’ve been able to fit five San Antonio Spurs into the roles of the main characters in the 80s classic sitcom.

So cue the theme music and away we go.

Jonathan Bower (Angela’s son) – Jonathan is an important part of the family, but he isn’t someone that you would want to carry an episode. You can depend on Jonathan to help make the show better in stretches. The show goes stretches without including him in a major storyline for weeks and you forget about him a little bit, but in the end he is one of the linchpins. A season wouldn’t be successful without him. However, he is not anywhere close to being the boss.

Gary Neal is Jonathan Bower

Samantha Micelli (Tony’s daughter) – Samantha was the other young member of this cast. Even in the beginning, you knew there was going to be a bigger role for her. Her potential far exceeds what little Jonathan brings to the table. In the later years, Sam becomes a major player in the show and eventually a legitimate star. When you look at the early years of her career you’re surprised at how far she has come. No matter how big of a star she is going to be, she is not the boss.

Kawhi Leonard is Samantha Micelli.

Mona Robinson (Angela’s mother) – Mona is the oldest character in the main cast. Mona is someone that carried other shows in the past and provides the show with the some of the funniest moments. Mona could carry her own series if she just had a little bit more left in the tank. She is someone who is recognizable and respected by all of the characters on the show. However, at Mona’s advanced age she isn’t able to make the show happen all by herself Mona isn’t the boss.

Tim Duncan is Mona Robinson.

Tony Micelli and Angela Bower- Tony is the fan favorite. Tony is the straw that stirs the drink in this show. He’s the guy you always pull for. The whole show revolves around your emotional tie to Tony and you always want to see him succeed. When it’s all said and done the first thing you think of when you look back on the show is his fantastic performances.

Angela is the other main character. Angela is much more measured and far less reckless than our main man Tony. Angela is uptight and not nearly as much fun as Tony. For those reasons, fans of the show aren’t fully on board with Angela. They feel the show could be better without her.  Tony and Angela realize that they both need each other to push their show to the highest level.

In the end, Tony is the housekeeper and Angela pays his salary. No amount of fan love will make Tony the boss. That title belongs to Angela and Angela alone.

Manu Ginobili is Tony and Tony Parker is Angela.

This season we’ve seen a changing of the guard with Manu spending time on the sidelines. Tony has the ball in his hands when they need it to be. He runs the offense and sets the tone for this team. Even though fans clamored for him to be traded this summer, he’s here and shining.

Tony Parker is the boss.