Who wants to buy ‘The Admiral’s’ former home?


San Antonio Spurs legend David Robinson’s home in San Antonio’s ritzy neighborhood – The Dominion – is for sale at an appraised value of $3.92 million according to the Express News:

The home has six bedrooms, a pool, spa, tennis court, elevator, an exercise studio, two utility rooms, dual offices, a Lutron lighting system and a large game room. An extensive photo slide- show shows a neutral color palette, big views and high enough ceilings to comfortably accommodate a 7-foot-plus former basketball star.

Interesting enough, the street where Robinson’s former home is located is named “1 Admirals Way” and according to the rules of the gated community, Robinson cannot stick a for-sale sign on the law.

But do not fret Spurs fans, 5-0 is not leaving San Antonio and he and his family are living at the Huntington, another exclusive neighborhood in the Alamo City according to the report.

So save up those pennies if you want to own a piece of Spurs history and sleep under the same roof “The Admiral” used to sleep under.