Who has more pressure to win Game 5?


During the San Antonio Spurs' championship run for title No. 5, Rey Moralde of The No Look Pass will be contributing to Project Spurs. 

Every game is a must-win in the NBA Finals. This holds especially true for Game 5 as the Heat and the Spurs are tied at two games apiece. Check out this stat right here.


So who has more pressure to win Game 5? The San Antonio Spurs or the Miami Heat?

Keep in mind that the Heat have not won back-to-back games since the second round. Miami and Indiana alternated wins every game and so far they have done the same with the Spurs. If this pattern continues, the Spurs should win Games 5 and 7 and the championship. Both teams have added pressure to win the game but I believe the Heat have a lot more pressure to win.

And they will always have more pressure to win simply because of their situation. The Heat have put that pressure on themselves before they even played a game. The Spurs will be in the comfort of their home for Game 5. Even though they lost Game 4, you know that Coach Popovich and his team are not going to panic. They're the opposite of what Shaq calls ex-Magic coach Stan Van Gundy. And Shaq called him the "Master of Panic." The Spurs are not that.

And while the Finals are going back to Miami for two potential games, the Spurs are absolutely capable of winning Game 6 on the road. Dallas did it to the Heat in 2011. So the Heat know what's on the line. Will the Heat wilt? Very unlikely.

They're the defending champions and they have been in nearly every situation possible. They have come back from a 3-2 series deficit before. And this is their third straight NBA Finals. But if the Heat lose, they are definitely in trouble than most people think.

As for the Spurs, you never know with their poker faces if they're in trouble. Heck, some of us didn't even expect the Spurs to be in the Finals.