Who are the Favorite Teams to Win the 2020/2021 NBA Session?

The NBA started officially in 1949 after the two main basketball leagues the NAA (Basketball Association of America) and the NBL (National Basketball League) merged to form what we know today as the NBA or National Basketball Association. Consisting of 17 teams the number of teams declined over the course of a few years to just 8 NBA teams. Whilst the league suffered a slow start it has now become the number one basketball league in the world. A league that all basketball players from all over the world want to play and excel in, is the benchmark of a player’s career.

As with any competition, there is only one winner at the end of the session, and predicting that winner is not easy. Most years four or five teams early on show signs of having a strong chance of being the champions, studying the form is not only important for the fans but for the bookmakers for basketball also. With vast sums of money being placed not only on individual games but the outcome of the season also. The current season has not been interrupted too much due to the Covid-19 pandemic, games are still played but without spectators in most cases. Here is a list of the teams that stand a good chance of winning the NBA Championship this current season.

Can the LA Lakers Win the League Again?

Since the league’s inception, the Lakers have won seventeen NBA titles, with the 2020 win by the Lakers they are now tied with the  Boston Celtics who have won seventeen also. This year the team looks set to replicate the previous year’s success. The team is favored by the bookmakers to clinch this year’s title yet again. This would make them the most successful NBA team in history.

With the pairing of Anthony Davis and Lebron James, the LA Lakers have a formidable force that many consider a title-winning duo. Averaging over 27 points between them per game it looks like they could be the key to winning the 2020/2021 NBA season. Davis may have suffered an Achilles tendon injury but is not expected to be sidelined for long, and certainly to be back before the playoffs.

Will the Nets Spoil the Party for the Lakers?

The Brooklyn Nets have a strong history within the National Basketball League, despite only winning two Championships during their 55 years years of playing in the league. But this season they look good and the bookmakers have made them second favorites behind the LA Lakers. Since acquiring James Harden the Nets have become a force, with his proven record of scoring and an impressive rate of assists the “Beard” has been at the helm of the team.

Steve Nash has used Harden as more of a playmaker to provide and assist Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant, unfortunately, has missed six games due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but upon his return, he has been in great form for the Brooklyn Nets, on his return facing the Golden State Warriors although he didn’t score too much, he was the driving force once again behind the team. With an impressive offensive line-up including Kyrie Irving who is on average per game scoring over 28 points for the Nets, it is hard to stop the firepower of Harden, Durant, and Irving. This formation when playing at their best has their sights set on winning the NBA for the third time for the Nets.

Can the Los Angeles Clippers Upset Their Rivals?

The Los Angeles Clippers recently blew a 3-1 lead against the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference semifinals and this season will try to get their reputation back with a strong challenge to win the 2020/2021 NBA session. Whatever happened to the team against the Denver Nuggets is surely not going to happen this year and they are a formidable force in professional basketball.

Players such as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are propelling them to challenge for the title this year. These are two superstars of the league and if they stay healthy, avoid injury, and have no Covid-19 problems they will certainly help the push for a first win of the NBA finals in their 50-year history. Despite winning Division titles in 2013 and 2014 they have yet to win the ultimate prize. Maybe this season could be their year or are they in for more disappointment once again?

The Milwaukee Bucks Still Have a Chance

The Milwaukee Bucks has only one NBA title under their belt which they won in 1971 and are surely due another one with the current team and management they have. This could well be their year after starting well in the conference and have the LA teams in their sights to be crowned NBA champions this time around 50 years of not winning the title.

With players such as Jrue Holiday who can score consistently and also plays an excellent defensive game so long as he stays injury-free and Covid-19 free can change a game at any moment. Bogdanović is an excellent scorer coming in from the wings and is a highly rated player and an integral member of the Milwaukee Bucks squad. Players such as these have helped Milwaukee win the last two Eastern Conference in succession. Do they stand a chance of winning this year?

Can the Utah Jazz Win Their First NBA Title?

The Utah Jazz team is still searching for its first NBA title since its inception in 1974. This season does look like they are serious contenders for the title, trailing in so many times to then coming back to win many games, and with an impressive home and away record they certainly have a chance. The bookmakers certainly think so placing them within the top five picks for glory.  

The team has already had two chances of success in the late nineties and despite the leadership of John Stockton and Karl Malone leading them to the finals two years in a row are still looking to win the championship for the first time. A team relient on the draft due to their lack of success finds it hard to bring in experienced talent but this year they are playing exceptionally well and do look like title contenders even without any All-Star players.


Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the season has progressed, and been able to continue albeit without any loyal fans being able to be present. The lack of fans being able to watch the game in person has not diminished from the game although as with many sports the home team doesn’t necessarily hold the advantage due to the lack of fans driving their team on. The LA Lakers are the bookmakers favorite to win the NBA title but things change rapidly in sport and that is why we love to follow and watch sports.

It would not be fun if the season was determined before it even began and backing the underdogs even when you don’t follow a sport can make it all that bit more interesting when placing bets and trying to beat the bookmakers. Who will win this year? It’s all up for grabs with so many exciting teams still in contention.