Where’s The D!


The Spurs need to take off their white shirts and ties, so the blue-collar Spurs can come out. I thought defense was our specialty, yet the “D” is nowhere to be found.
I predicted Bruce Bowen would win the Defensive Player of the Year, ummm, can I change that to Defensive Player of the Year in games not against Bonzi Wells. We recorded a pregame podcast, and it is being uploaded as I type. One of the things that we said was that Bruce needed to stay on Bonzi when he is on the floor and keep him on the perimeter so he cant make those easy layups and get on the boards. Easier said than done. Howeve if Bruce would stop sagging off of Bonzi and stay in front of him, I think he could definitley limit him.
We need to see them play a much smarter second half and match the intensity of the Kings. We do not want to come back to Arco for a game six. Sacramento is leading the Spurs 54-43 at the half. Let’s hope my postgame blog post will be one reporting a “W”.