What has ex-Spur Malik Rose been up to?


For San Antonio Spurs fans that miss former Spur Malik Rose in the broadcast booth and are wondering where he went off to, he’s now doing color commentary for the Philadelphia 76ers. He’s already become a pretty big hit too. 

CSNPHILLY.com sat down with Malik to talk about his quirky on-air personality as well as how he’s enjoying his new gig. It’s definitely worth a read because you just never know what Malik is going to say next. He’s even inspired a Twitter hashtag up in Philadelphia, #S—MalikSays, for his references that make people stop and say, “Did he really just say that?”

Check out his response to throwing out an Animal House reference on the air.

“Oh, yeah, the fans loved that one. Some of those just kind of slip out. I don’t plan them. With me, I watch a lot of sitcoms and movies. I watch the Dave Chappelle show religiously – back when it was on and now I watch the re-runs. I grew up watching movies, especially comedies. I try to relate some of those funny lines to basketball. When you have a giant head the size of mine, I guess useless facts and quotes just stay in there. In Animal House, all the white kids take their girls to a black club, and some of the black guys come over and ask “excuse me, do you mind if we dance with your dates?” Even Turner drove the lane, so it just hit me – “excuse me, do you mind if I dance in your paint?” [Laughs].”

Obviously, living in Texas, the odds are unlikely that we’d ever get to hear Rose and his partner Marc Zumoff, but I think next time I’m in Philly, I may just have to check them out. Sounds like a couple hours of comedy with some basketball mixed in.

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