What too watch for tonight


So tonight is Halloween and everybody is all dressed up, but I’m planning on staying home and watching the Spurs. Living in Missouri, I only get to see the nationally televised games, making each one important to me. Before the season began I was looking forward to this game because it was a chance to watch Greg “Grandpa” Oden. Yeah right. Like he can stay healthy that long. However, there are still a few things I’m looking for tonight. 
Can Duncan repeat his stellar performance from two nights ago? He will have to look for his shot often without Ginobili to shoulder some of the scoring load. He was aggressive against Phoenix and I’m looking for that attitude again.
Who will be the third scorer? Roger Mason looked good against Phoenix and he might be the most reliable scorer right now after Parker and Duncan, which isn’t saying much. I’m looking for him to find open threes and also attack the basket. He isn’t the best slasher but he is better than the other options.
Will any other big man play well? Without Fab and Mahinmi, the Spurs are thin on the frontline. Like Manute Bol thin. Kurt Thomas can grab some boards, but his struggled on defense at times against Phoenix. LaMarcus Aldridge is a quicker power forward and can give him trouble. Lets not talk about Matt Bonner. I don’t expect much from him and he didn’t show much.
How will Nicolas Batum play? Spurs fans will remember how Batum wanted the Spurs to draft him. He would have been an absolutely perfect fit as a long, athletic 3. Just perfect. Of course Houston drafted him and traded him to the Blazers. Instead we have George Hill, a shooting guard moonlighting as a backup point guard. Just think about what could have been.
I’ll be back after the game to take a look at these questions. Hopefully it will be a better finish that on Wednesday. 

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