Welcome to the Project Spurs Network


If you’ve followed Project Spurs or any of our other network sites over the past few years, that welcome headline may seem a little off since you’ve been aware of our network for some time now.

However, the network has not existed as a true network with a home site or “hub” until today. Whereas most networks start off with the main network page and expand into sites for sports or teams, we wanted to build a solid foundation first and then launch the network site later when we knew we had consistent, quality content to promote from this site.

ProjectSpursNetwork.com will serve as the network home, keeping all 11 of our sites under one roof, with a unified, clean look for a better reading experience. It will also provide a way for our network editors to promote some of the best content from their sites. It won’t be a page linking every since piece of network content. Instead it will be curated on a daily basis and a way to showcase our editor’s picks. You can also drill down by sport in our menu to get to each site if there’s more on that topic or team you want to read.

Our flagship, Project Spurs, was launched in 2004 and ever since the idea of the network came about, we have slowly expanded. If you aren’t aware of all of our sites, have a look through as you might find something you may not know we offered. All of our podcast and video offerings are also available through the Media tab.

Our latest addition is SA Preps, with a high school football focus in the San Antonio Area whereas Texas Redzone Report focuses on the sport statewide. We also have a few other additions and changes in the planning stages.

With the sale of the San Antonio Stars, Stars Hoops will be shifting focus slightly, but it will allow us to continue to provide coverage of women’s basketball.

Lastly, the Project Spurs Network and all the media properties are completely independent, possible through the hard work of independent content creators. Unlike your local beat writers, they are not salaried, and do this in their spare time away from their regular jobs, and in some cases, school as well. In order to compensate content creators and editors, we rely heavily on ad revenue, but a drastic shift in that model has made an impact with the use of ad blockers. In leaving previous networks and partnerships, we placed a premium on reader experience and have cut the amount of ads we have in half, and in one case, by even more. This makes an even bigger impact on our entire network, but one we feel well worth it.

If you’d like to support us, we’d love it if you would disable your ad blockers on our network sites, or pledge to support us through Patreon by clicking the orange button in the right sidebar of this website. Currently that all goes into our ProjectSpurs.com patreon account, but soon you will be able to pledge to all sites or to a particular site. This helps us keep our content free and helps us pay our bills, and patrons at all levels also receive extra benefits.

The launch of this network brings the idea/dream full circle and allows us to focus on continuing to expand and continuing to bring you original, quality content. If you have any questions, feel free to email me, and if you’re interested in becoming a part of the network, keep a look out for our Openings page where we will be looking to fill several staff positions.




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