‘We will not go quietly into the night’


Following in the words of President Thomas J. Whitmore, in a few hours San Antonio Spurs fans will join together from around the world to watch the Spurs confront an important game in their franchise against the Memphis Grizzlies. 

The Spurs will be united in a common interest. Not from ridicule, or humiliation but from elimination.

Once again, the Spurs will be striving to keep their season alive and challenging those who say their reign is over.

The Spurs will be fighting today for their right to still be considered an NBA powerhouse. Fighting for their independance from naysayers who doubt them and want to see their status as an elite team end. They are fighting to continue to have freedom from disbelievers.

And should the Spurs win today, April 29, 2011 will be remembered as the day the Spurs declared in one voice . . . take it away President Whitmore . . .

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