Watch the PBR Capital City Classic – Live Stream Channel, Round 1 Lineup and Event Details

Watch the PBR Capital City Classic

With another weekend approaching the PBR Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour rolls on Friday, January 13, 2023, in Charleston, West Virginia. The PBR Capital City Classic is the season’s fifth stop, one of two series events this weekend. A rider has yet to collect more than one win through the early stretch, keeping things congested at the top of the leaderboard. Most recently, Chase Dougherty found himself in the win column at the Denver Chute Out, taking the finals on Wednesday night. Fans hoping to catch the Charleston event can watch the PBR Capital City Classic live stream free on Pluto TV.

Watch the PBR Capital City Classic

  • When: Friday, January 13 – Saturday, January 14, 2023
  • Start Time: 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT
  • Location: Charleston Convention Center Coliseum – Charleston, West Virginia
  • PBR Channel: Ride Pass on Pluto TV

Watch the PBR Capital City Classic Live Stream

In general, the PBR broadcasts on CBS, CBS Sports Network, and PBR Ride Pass which is exclusively on Pluto TV. The PBR Capital City Classic Live Stream is only available on Pluto TV’s Ride Pass, which fans can access for free via the Internet or by downloading the app to their phone or favorite streaming device.

Event Preview

The competition at the PBR Capital City Classic this weekend is set to be stiff, with five current Top 50 riders in the standings. Flavio Zivieri continues his busy schedule, set to compete in his third event in as many weeks. He finished second at the Lexington Invitational last weekend before competing in the Denver Chute Out earlier this week, coming in sixth place. Zivieri’s success and frequency currently have him sitting in fifth in the points standings for the season.

In Kentucky on January 6th, Hunter Ball was just two places behind the Brazilian Zivieri. With a second-place finish at the Capital City Classic on the Velocity Tour last season, he’s looking to pick up some major points and make a move up from 16th place in the standings.

Competition Schedule

Friday, January 13 – at 8:00 p.m. / 4 p.m. PT
Saturday, January 14 – at 7:00 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT

If the Capital City Classic follows previous PBR event formats for two-day events, Round 1 will take place on Friday, whittling the field down. For those that advance, Round 2 will take place on Saturday, followed immediately by the finals.

2023 Capital City Classic Results

Section 1
RiderBullAggregate ScoreRider Score
Hunter BallNext Question0-
Kyle JonesYukon Jack0-
Perry SchrockClown0-
Casey CoulterKeep'em Guessin0-
Stefan TonitaNeon Street0-
Eduardo de OliveiraEager Snake0-
Bennie ShetlerArea 510-
Trace BrownRed Man0-
Section 2
Mason MoodyLife Flight0-
Dakota EagleburgerNotorious0-
Keith HallHigh Hustler0-
Matt AllgoodRush Hour0-
Mauricio Gulla MoreiraDiablo, Del Dega0-
Anthony HopenOl' Son0-
Brayden KnightMidnight Sun0-
Justin EthridgeWaymores Blues0-
Section 3
Ramon de LimaBlackened0-
Hayden HarrisKatsumoto0-
Josh SteppOne Boot Patches0-
Storm HowardSlick0-
Dustin MartinezAlmost Sober0-
Leonardo LimaWhip0-
Section 4
Carlos GarciaGold Standard0-
Weston DavidsonEye Balls0-
Dylan SmithDumas Walker0-
Beau CaplingerGunner0-
Cleber AmaralCaptain Crook0-
Francisco MoralesSmooth Candy0-
Section 5
Patterson StarcherJake Brake0-
Junio QuaresimaYippee High Cowboy0-
Michael LaneHydro0-
Alex JenksPreacher0-
Nick GoncalvesAJ0-
Brandon BallardWhiz0-
Section 6
Griffin SmeltzerWalks Far0-
Flavio ZivieriSundance0-
Alecio Ferreira da CostaReal Tequila0-
Ross FreemanTwo Hands0-
Claudio Montanha Jr.Jeff0-
Eli VastbinderOreo0-

Velocity Tour Standings

PlaceRiderCountryPointsPoints Behind LeaderEarningsEventsWinsRidesBuckoffs
1Josh FrostUSA2340$23,4783171
2Alex MarcilioBRA148.5-85.5$6,5002131
3Cole FischerUSA140-94$16,3331130
4Elijah MoraUSA134-100$11,9666065
5Flavio ZivieriBRA133.5-100.5$8,1013052
6Dalton KaselUSA132-102$7,1501120
7Chase DoughertyUSA120.5-113.5$19,9791130
8Ednélio AlmeidaBRA120-114$5,8762040
9Jake MorinecUSA118-116$7,7273151
10Conner HalversonUSA114-120$6,2005124
11Taylor AllenUSA109-125$6,3202121
12Dalton RudmanUSA108-126$5,3334034
12Marcelo Procopio PereiraBRA108-126$7,0184053
14Brennon EldredUSA99.5-134.5$6,1531120
15Aaron WilliamsUSA92-142$4,8005034
16Hunter BallUSA89.5-144.5$3,1974044
17Alvaro Alvarez AguilarMEX88-146$4,5501020
18Cody CoverchukCAN85.5-148.5$4,6113162
19Griffin SmeltzerCAN83-151$4,6826146
20Luciano De CastroBRA81-153$11,6651021
21Cody HeffernanAUS75-159$7,1062131
22Lachlan RichardsonAUS73.5-160.5$6,4973144
23Weston DavidsonCAN71.5-162.5$3,4035057
24Ross FreemanUSA69-165$3,0005026
24Cody HooksUSA69-165$3,4331021
26Cole SkenderUSA68.5-165.5$6896064
27Justin EthridgeUSA66.5-167.5$1,4902033
28Junio QuaresimaBRA60-174$1,1195045
29Ray MayoUSA55-179$3,8503122
30Brady FielderAUS53-181$4,7162133
31Patterson StarcherUSA51-183$2,3953033
32Justice ForsytheUSA49-185$2,6001011
33Rafael ParraBRA48.5-185.5$2,2251141
34Sawyer HillUSA46-188$4,3722113
35Kade AlbertyUSA45-189$2,7334024
35Dakota EagleburgerUSA45-189$1556046
37Jean Fernandes PereiraBRA43-191$1,0551032
37Stefan TonitaCAN43-191$1,0745047
39Rafael Jose de BritoBRA42-192$5,2151021
40Chason BrookshireUSA41.5-192.5$9311020
41Leonardo LimaBRA40.5-193.5$5,0005035
42Lachlan SladeAUS39-195$3,5262023
43Mike LeeUSA38-196$1,1494034
43Jake MaherAUS38-196$2,0664036
45Mason MoodyUSA37-197$1,1605024
46Cole WagnerUSA36.5-197.5$2,5972122
47Kyle EatonUSA36-198$2,6494014
47Tyler CraigCAN36-198$1,7183035
47Thomas HudsonAUS36-198$4,3092023
47William BarrowsCAN36-198$2,6791022


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