Warriors' Smart on Tim Duncan


I got a chance to talk briefly with Golden State Warriors Head Coach Keith Smart, who played with the Spurs during the 1989 season, before his team tips off against the Spurs in just under 20 minutes.

Smart talked about San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan, and the myth that he’s too old and isn’t as effective as he once was..

Even the Spurs staff have joked about Duncan’s age in his Bobcats injury report listing him out due to “trop vieux,” or too old in English. 

Smart says Duncan’s contribution has only declined because he is taking on a less-selfish role.

“He’s not thinking so much of himself, he’s going to make big plays defensively, like he did in Dallas a couple nights ago,” Smart said.

Against Dallas, Duncan finished with 22 points, eight rebounds and three blocked shots. Showing once again, that he is still capable of dominating on any given night.

“He has that savvy NBA veteran know-how,” Smart said. “(DeJuan) Blair is going to continue to grow into that role, but he has the luxury to have a veteran to help him along.”

And while Blair will be out tonight, likely not because he is “trop jeunes,” Duncan will be counted on, just as he was when these two teams met in November and Duncan delivered with a triple-double. Tonight, Duncan will have history on his side. The Spurs have gone 44-7 against the Warriors since Duncan’s rookie year.

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