Vote for the final three Spurs Silver Dancers

The NBA is a business. But a business can be fun, and the marketability of the product is largely contingent on fan revenue. So fun is good.
And what can be more fun than basketball and, during brief intermissions, cheerleaders strutting their stuff for the fans in the seats.
Now you, the fan, can help shape the future of the San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers.
The Spurs' cheerleading group, coined the Silver Dancers, is currently whittling down their roster in preparation for the 2013-14 season. There are six dancers in contention for just three spots. 
One of the young ladies in the running is Halle and she reached out to Project Spurs to ask for the readers help getting her one of the coveted final spots. Here is what she had to tell Project Spurs.
"Dance is my passion and to share my passion with the best fans in the NBA would be more than a dream."
You can cast your vote on, help keep basketball awesome and while you're at it, why not vote for Halle. Don't be shy.

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