Vogel: Visiting Pacers have tall task in surging Spurs


Indiana PacersThe San Antonio Spurs have won their last six games and nine of their last 10. Getting deeper over the last few weeks with the Stephen Jackson trade and signing Boris Diaw and Patty Mills makes them even tougher.

This is not lost on Frank Vogel, who’s Indiana Pacers (30-20) visit the Spurs at home tonight, where they’ve only lost four games.

“They put three point shooters around Tim Duncan rolling to the basket and they put the ball in Parker and Ginobili’s hands,” Vogel said. “It’s a nightmare trying to figure out how to guard them.”

Vogel also said adding the new pieces around Parker, Duncan and Ginobili makes them “scary.”

“It’ll be very interesting to see how they come together as a team,” he said. “I know Coach Popovich is better than anyone in the world at taking guys like that and putting them into the system and getting them to produce so it could be scary if they play to their potential.”

Tonight will also be a homecoming of sorts for former Spurs guard George Hill, a local fan favorites who is making his first visit back to the AT&T Center as a Pacer since he was traded on draft night.

Hill said nothing has changed with this Spurs team.

“Same old, same old team. Nothing’s changed,” Hill said. “They’re gonna beat you with their skills and athleticism so we got our hands full. It’s gonna be a more mental game than a physical game.”

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