Video: RJ Presser and 2K9 Video

Richard Jefferson was introduced to San Antonio media today at the Spurs practice facility around 5:30 p.m.

The full video of the press conference with R.C. Buford, along with an audio file of Pop’s teleconference and some photos of Jefferson is his new Spurs gear is available at

Jefferson, whose favorite NBA player growing up was David Robinson, said he was excited about what this team can accomplish and is happy to be in San Antonio after a whirlwind week.
“I look forward to playing on this type of team where winning conference championships is expected,” Jefferson said.
A great point he made is on the speculation that he won’t be able to accept being the third or fourth option, but that’s not exactly new to him, having played on a Nets team with Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and Kenyon Martin.
With the loss of Bowen and not as much emphasis being placed on scoring 20 a night, Jefferson said his approach to defense would be what allows the Spurs to have the most success.
“With so many scoring options here, I can really focus on the defensive end. I’ll make sure I’m in good shape for camp and get ready for that.”
Again, be sure to check out the full video on
* RJ NBA 2K9 Simulation
It looks like one Spurs fan couldn’t wait for next year and went ahead and manually traded for Jefferson on NBA 2K9. Here’s some video he recorded of Jefferson’s first simulated game in a Spurs uniform. Now I’ve gotta go do the same on NBA Live.