Video: Tony Parker shows great sportmanship with Westbrook


The San Antonio Spurs are blazing a path of destruction. They are undefeated in the playoffs, winners of 10-straight (20 wins overall) and are up 2-0 on the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals.

If any Spur were to talk smack or feel cocky, one couldn’t blame them but that isn’t the Spurs’ way. They are known for being a class act on and off the court and nothing proved it more than what Tony Parker did in Game 1 with Thunder’s Russell Westbrook.

Heading into this series, the spotlight is on the point guard matchup – Parker versus Westbrook. After two games, TP is definitely outplaying Westbrook but during a moment in Game 1, Parker showed why the Spurs are so well respected.

During a play in the waning moments of the fourth quarter, and with the game in hand for San Antonio, Westbrook tripped and fell on to the court. Normally, any opposing player would have let Westbrook just stay on the floor, and take advantage of the situation. But not Parker.

Check out TP picking up Westbrook and helping him back on his feet.


Not only is this team stampeding the competition in the playoffs, they are proving they should be what every team in the NBA should be like – good sportsmen, and respectful of opposing players. Nice job TP. You just made all Spurs fans beam with pride.