Video: Tony Parker gets a DeLorean


What do you give a person on their birthday when they seemingly have everything in the world? For San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker, you get him a DeLorean. That right, for Parker's birthday last year, his friends surprised him at his place with a brand-spanking new DeLorean. 

Now TP can recreate his favorite moments from the movie "Back to the Future" so long as he doesn't hit 88 mph to ignite the flux capacitor or go back in time and find himself meeting the younger versions of his mom and dad and having to play "Johnny B. Goode" at the winter dance.

Then again, maybe Parker should use his DeLorean for time-travel so he can go back to last June and tell him teammates to close out on Miami's Ray Allen and tell Kawhi Leonard to make sure he hits his free throws in Game 6 of last season's NBA Finals.

Check out Parker getting his nice birthday gift.