Video: Team France celebrates with fans

European sports fans are known to be very raucous and spirited in their demeanor. Fans of the French national basketball team displayed that tendency over the weekend when they were witness to Team France's dismantling of the squad representing Lithuania in the final game of EuroBasket in Slovenia.
In this video clip, you can clearly see throngs of joyous French basketball fans welcome their victorious teams' players into the stands to join in on the celebration. It was a heartwarming sight to behold.

It seems that fans of the NBA and it's respective teams are not awarded the same opportunities when good fortune happens to smile upon them.
Unfortunately, here in the USA, fans just aren't allowed that kind of spontaneous co-mingling of players and fans in this day and age. Security is always a concern, and rightly so. But the obvious result of that is an increased separation of fan and team.
All that being said, I'm a firm believer that if San Antonio Spurs players were allowed that kind of access to their fans after such a victory, our players would do as Team France did.