Video: Suns’ mascot takes swipe at Spurs Coyote


When it comes to the Phoenix Suns, let’s just say the San Antonio Spurs have had their number for many years. Whether it be in the regular season or more importantly, the playoffs, whenever these two team met, the Spurs had a knack to wreck any title dreams for Phoenix.

But that won’t stop the Suns mascot, The Gorilla, from poking fun of the Spurs mascot, the Coyote. released a video featuring The Gorilla and The Coyote, (or something that looks like the coyote of Loony Tunes fame) where the Spurs’ mascot is shown to not have common bathroom etiquette. Check it out.

That’s right Suns, laugh it up all you want. I guess this is your way of putting a mental block on the constant humiliation the Spurs have dealt to you for quite some time.

But then again Phoenix, it’s never a good idea to provoke a team that has proven to be your greatest nemesis.

(h/t Fox Sports)