Video: Stephen Jackson uncut, reveals more on getting cut by Spurs


Former San Antonio Spurs forward Stephen Jackson never has a filter when he speaks to the media. He lets it fly and speaks whatever is on his mind.

Case in point – his interview with ESPN's "Highly Questionable." 

Jackson, who was cut by the Spurs right before the postseason, was a guest on the ESPN program weeks ago but that initial interview was edited. ESPN released the full, uncut Jackson interview for the masses to soak in what "Captain" Jack had to say.

From growing up in Texas, playing in the Dominican Republic, from being cut by San Antonio including how he has nothing but respect for Gregg Popovich and how some Spurs' players took it personal that he played with intensity during practices and addresses talk that Popovich wanted Jackson to admit Danny Green was a better player and a whole lot more on how things ended in San Antonio (at the 12:40 point of video below).