Video: Stephen Jackson on offseason training, says other NBA players who rap are 'whack'


San Antonio Spurs' Stephen Jackson's offseason seems to be filled mainly with promoting his upcoming rap album, "Jack of all Trades."

And that promotional tour rages on as Jackson was a guest on Power 105.1 to talk about his album but when asked about his offseason training, Stephen says he usually takes it slow and never works out. Something he admits the Spurs do not want to hear.

Check out Jackson talk about his offseason training and what he thinks about other NBA players trying to kick start a rap career and more.

As Jackson mentioned, he has done some offseason training video, hitting the gym with former Spur T.J. Ford. Check it out HERE.

However, seeing how Jackson doesn't train much, as long as he is ready to go come training camp and keeping his body free from any injury-risk activities (unlike Tony Parker) is good enough.