Video: Spurs weigh in on Curry


The biggest matchup in the upcoming series between the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors is going to be Stephen Curry against whatever defensive scheme Coach Popovich wants to go with. Whether it be the length and athleticism of Kawhi Leonard, the quickness and agility of Tony Parker or some sort of combination, you can bet the Spurs are going to be locked in on Curry all series long.

During some recent interviews it was clear that the Spurs have a lot of respect for the Warriors’ leading scorer. Parker likened him to a shorter version of Durant and Pop called him maybe the best shooter in the league.

The key is going to be the amount of pressure they can put on Curry. Denver let him get a lot more open looks than a guy like that should get. The Spurs surely won’t make the same mistake. As long as they can keep him from catching fire like he did in his first round series, the Spurs chances for a win will be greatly improved.