Video: Spurs Takeover postgame show vs. Cleveland Cavaliers 12/12/19


If you missed last night’s Spurs Takeover postgame show, we’ve got you covered with video of the full show after Thursday night’s San Antonio Spurs overtime loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Joe Garcia, Benjamin Bornstein and Wesley Perkins recap the game, talk about the Spurs being in yet another overtime game and losing to the 14th place team in the Eastern Conference, who had just managed five wins prior to last night’s game.

They talked about the Spurs’ matchup issues, especially with Kevin Love, who appears to be on the trade block in Cleveland, but had one of his better games of the season as he’s likely being auditioned for other teams. They also mentioned the Spurs’ continued struggles with defending San Antonio native Jordan Clarkson.

They also talked about the late free throw misses by DeMar DeRozan, the rotations the Spurs are using to close games, where they seem to be consistently be outrebounded, and if LaMarcus Aldridge’s time in San Antonio may be drawing near.

“Cleveland played for 48, we played for 24,” Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich said about the game. “That’s the bottom line.”

For more on the San Antonio Spurs vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game, be sure to read Stephen Anderson’s three observations from the game, and if you’re a PS Premium Member, Paul Garcia’s game tracker has been updated with all of last night’s data.

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