Video: Spurs’ strength and conditioning coach Herring focuses on mobility


For a veteran team like the San Antonio Spurs, being in the best shape they can be is essential to success. A lot of that comes down to a player’s dedication and focus, but they need some help from an experienced coach.

That’s where strength and conditioning coach Matt Herring comes in. Herring as only been with the Spurs for less than a year, but he has a set plan to help out the aging stars on the Spurs’ roster, and he says it starts with mobility.

Herring did an interview with SMARTER Team Training where he talked about what it takes to keep players in shape. He says even more important than a player’s strength is their ability to avoid injury, and that comes down to how mobile they are.

Herring says his training staff focuses on three key areas: the ankles, the hips and the thoracic spine. He says if those three spots stay mobile, the strength will just fall into place and things like injuries can be avoided and players can play at their best.

Obviously, the Spurs owe a great deal to their conditioning. If they weren’t being worked out the right way, guys like Tim Duncan would be at serious risk for injuries that could potentially end a career.


You should definitely check out the interview, it’s got some really interesting information. Sometimes you forget that athletes don’t just go out and play basketball, they put a lot of work into keeping their bodies in the best possible shape they can. It’s also important to appreciate the guys behind the scenes helping them do that like Matt Herring.