Video: Spurs’ Stephen Jackson has an impressive Air Jordan collection


Imagine having just a room for just your sneakers. Now imagine being an NBA baller and having the ability to afford almost an entire wing of a massive home to dedicate your sneaker collection. Well that is reality for San Antonio Spurs' Stephen Jackson.

Jackson opened up his home, and closet, to Nice Kicks where he had a chance to show off his impressive sneaker collection which proved he is quite the avid collector of Air Jordans.

Check out this video of S-Jax show casing his sneaker collection including the kicks he will be wearing during the Spurs' upcoming 2012-13 season (the Jordan Spizike "ID"). And when I say he has one "impressive" Jordans collection, I mean he really has one impressive collection of Jordans. It's enough to make your head spin.

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