Video: Spurs' Stephen Jackson eats fried ribs… in slow-motion


You would think a finely-tuned, professional NBA athlete would watch what they eat in the offseason and care for their bodies to prepare for training camp and the upcoming season. Right?

Well maybe not if you are San Antonio Spurs' Stephen Jackson.

Jackson, who recently visited family in Texas, took advantage of some home-cooking and indulged in some fried ribs. Yes, fried ribs. And if that wasn't enough to get your mouth watering, why not soak in every bite Jackson takes into the ribs in slow-motion!

Check out Jackson eating his fill of fried ribs including footage of how to make them and S-Jax wishing he could eat them in the regular season. Too bad he can't because I am sure the Spurs coaching staff would put a stop to that fast!