Video: Spurs' Stephen Jackson does offseason training with T.J. Ford


When he isn't in the studio cutting a new single for his rap album, San Antonio Spurs' Stephen Jackson is in the gym and getting a good sweat as he prepares for the upcoming NBA season.

Jackson, who is in his home state of Texas for his basketball camp, took in some time to train with former Spur T.J. Ford in order to be sure S-Jax is good to go come training camp next month.

Ford, who doesn't let up on Jackson, puts him through some shooting drills, and both talk about their bond that extends since they were young.

Check out Jackson and Ford put in some tough work to the point Jackson's heart rate spikes to 178 bpm, take 234 shots, and making 153 shots. Ford also dispels the notion Jackson is a bad guy off the court, while Jackson admits he isn't a favorite among NBA refs, Ford gets Jackson used to getting hits without the benefit of the foul call, and much more.

To see the trailer of Jackson's "Training Days" video, hit the jump.