Video: Spurs’ Parker hoops with kids


With CBA negotiations still raging on, San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker continued playing exhibition basketball. But if you might be thinking he is playing in exhibition game with Team Melo, the Goodman League, or the Drew League, think again. 

His competition was a little different.

Parker and two of his friends in France participated in a charity event where they played 3-on-3 games with different groups of children.

Though the event was just for fun, it’s funny how when the first batch of kids rip TP’s team and score two baskets, then TP’s team goes on a scoring run.

This was a great event that Parker participated in, as he is one of France’s biggest celebrities. I’m sure this opportunity meant everything to those young children who were able to participate. Especially for the kid who was defending Parker. Seriously, he has some mean defensive skills. He might be the next Bruce Bowen.

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