Video: Spurs late game collapse vs. Bulls leads to third-straight loss


If you missed last night’s Spurs Takeover postgame show, we’ve got you covered with video of the full show after Monday night’s San Antonio Spurs road loss against the Chicago Bulls.

The San Antonio Spurs lost their third straight game in a row as they fell to the Chicago Bulls by a final score of 110-109. The Spurs, who led by 11 points going into the 4th quarter allowed the Bulls to come from behind and go on a 17-5 run to open the 4th quarter. We talk about the Spurs issues closing out teams this season and recap the game with Joe Garcia and Benjamin Bornstein of Project Spurs.

For more on the San Antonio Spurs vs. Bulls game, be sure to read Stephen Anderson’s three standouts from the game, and if you’re a PS Premium Member, Paul Garcia’s game tracker will be updated with all of last night’s data.

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