Video: Spurs-Lakers fans brawl after Game 2


Things got heated off the court after the San Antonio Spurs-Los Angeles Lakers Game 2 playoff match Wednesday night in San Antonio as a Spurs and Lakers fan brawled on the concourse of the AT&T Center.

Check out the video of the fight which reportedly lasted 45 seconds and no arrests were made.

The raw video is below.

The Spurs and Lakers have heave heated battles on the court but to see this behavior among fans is not what you want to see as a Spurs fan.

The Spurs and their fans have always had a reputation as being one of the classiest organizations in the league so to see this is a aberration.

If you are at any game whether it be this posteseason or next season and you find yourself in a confrontation at the AT&T Center, please contact an official at the game whether it be security or an usher.

A bit of back-and-forth between fans of opposing teams is bound to happen at a game but just keep your cool Spurs fans and let the battles remain on the court and not off it.

NSFW Video: