Video: Spurs’ Green gives his thoughts on the upcoming season

Danny Green of the San Antonio Spurs was recently in Laredo on the Spurs Caravan tour which gives other fans around Texas the chance to come out meet some of players and enjoy the Spurs experience. While there, Green answered a few questions about his thoughts on the upcoming season. 

Green sounds eager to get back to the court and prove a point to some of the critics this season. He’s been asked multiple times about how he plans to improve for this season. Obviously if he can develop some kind of game off the dribble, he’s going to be a tough cover around the league. His ability to be a knock-down shooter combined with the ability to put the ball on the floor will make teams have to defend him differently. It would also open up lots of other opportunities for anyone else on the court with him.
The Spurs will have ambitions of returning to the Finals this season. The Western Conference will always be a challenge, but the Spurs manage through it every year. If the Spurs stay focused on their goal all season, a return to the Finals should not be out of the question.
Do Spurs fans think a deep playoff run is on the way again?