Video: Spurs fans get team logo buzzed into their hair


Some San Antonio Spurs fans get a team jersey, maybe paint their face with the team colors, or decorate their cars with bumper stickers of the Spurs logo. But some Spurs fans take it up a notch.

And by “take it up a notch” I mean they get a Spurs-inspired haircut.

Barber Joe Barajas, better known as Joe Barber, has been carving Spurs-inspired themes into fans’ hair looking to display their Spurs pride.

“I love my Spurs. I’ve loved my Spurs ever since Terry Cummings was a part of our clique,” he said. “The Spurs resemble the people that I want to resemble. I have dignity. I have pride. I’m not a bad boy. I think they resemble the city. I think that’s the look we need.”

Check out some of Barajas’ work including a huge Spurs logo and a fan showing just how much a Tony Parker fan he really is.

What say you Spurs fans? Will you get a haircut like this to show your Spurs pride or is this just a bit too much?