Video: Spurs fan goes to barber, gets Tony Parker’s face etched in his hair


The San Antonio Spurs had one of their best seasons in franchise history thanks in large part to the play of Tony Parker. Parker led the squad to the best record in the West, was an All-Star, and is being mentioned as an NBA MVP candidate.

So what better way to celebrate TP’s play this season than hitting up a local barber and asking to get the Parker look — literally!

One super-crazed TP fan got the MVP candidate’s face cut into his hair and I got to admit, the barber really captured Parker’s likeness. And I mean he really did a detailed job. From capturing TP’s persistent five o’clock shadow to his jersey neck line. Check it out.


OK Spurs fans, I got to know, how many of you would to the same to support the Spurs?

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