Video: Spurs are the Dr.’s favorite NBA team


In an era of flashiness, endorsements, and who makes it the most on highlight reels, the San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan often get overlooked. Time after time, the Spurs are right in the thick of things in the race for the NBA title season after season thanks in large part to Duncan and this season is no different.

The Spurs and Duncan are back in the NBA Finals for a fifth time in franchise history which could also mean a fifth ring that Duncan has been chasing.

However, the Spurs have to wait a bit longer as things get settled in the Eastern Conference but after Game 4 of the ECF, NBA legend Julius "Dr. J" Erving praised the Spurs and Duncan and called them his favorite outside of the 76ers.

Check out the praise heaped upon Duncan and the Spurs by the Dr. himself.