Video: Splitter's dunk and fall


In case you missed it, in the waning seconds of the fourth quarter in last night’s San Antonio Spurs-Denver Nuggets game, Spurs’ rookie Tiago Splitter had a dunk which ended in him falling to the court hard.

First, thank goodness he didn’t end up hurting himself with that fall. It was very reminiscent of the dunk which led to Milwaukee Bucks’ Andrew Bogut’s elbow injury

Second, I was talking with John Karalis of Reds Army and we both agreed this was totally unnecessary by Splitter. If you look at the video, the Spurs were up by 11 points (108-97) with about 18 seconds left in the game when Splitter got the ball. The smart thing Splitter should have done was simply dribble the ball and let the game clock expire. The game was already a win for the Spurs yet he risked injury and it could have been seen by the Nuggets as Splitter rubbing it in. Got to be smarter on the court Splitter!