Video: Skip Bayless Jumps Off Spurs Bandwagon


After watching this clip, all I can do tip my hat in the direction of Mr. Skip Bayless for two reasons.  That was one great Stephen A. Smith impersonation that I just saw.  Also thank you for showing us what the talking heads/columnist in the media have become.

In the past, analysts/columnists would voice their opinion but back it up with solid fact.  While today the most important is to create buzz by making outlandish statements and getting reaction via social media.

While Bayless, by his job description, is entitled to voice his opinion.  He has failed to take in to account a few critical facts in to his rant, which makes it even more comical.

First off the NBA season, unlike the NFL season, has games played more than once a week.  The San Antonio Spurs were playing their fifth game in nine nights.  Now I am not a doctor (nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night) but when your core players have logged the minutes that the "Big 3” of Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, and Tony Parker there will be nights where the legs will not be there for the entire length of the game.

Second, the Suns had just lost the front end of a home and home series against the Spurs just two days before. The men on the other side of the court are professionals as well and can make adjustments when facing an opponent for the second time in such a short period of time.  Last time I checked, the eight seeds in the NBA playoffs have been known to win games versus the conference’s number one seed.

Bayless must not have paid much attention to Coach Popovich and the Spurs’ philosophy or what happen during the Miami Heat game in Miami. The playoffs are what matters most to this team.  They are willing to a step back during the regular season if it leaves them in a better position for the post season.

I see his comments are meant to get a reaction the audience versus his true opinion.  He was just taking the mantle up for Stephen A Smith who was not there that day.

So to Skip Bayless I say while your rant was very entertaining, HOWEVER (Smith impersonation there) should realize the error of your ways, your first class seat on the wagon will be downgraded to a standing room only ticket all the way in the back.