Video: Shaq smashes and eats a Barkley pinata


After the San Antonio Spurs lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder last night in Game 5 and are now down 2-3 in the Western Conference Finals series, many Spurs fans might be feeling a bit bummed out today.

Momentum is clearly on OKC’s side and the pressure is all on the Spurs to win two games in a row which just adds to Spurs fans feeling a bit worried that their beloved NBA team might be heading to an earlier than expected summer vacation.

So here is a pick me up Spurs fans. Something to make you laugh even if for a moment.

Prior to the series, Charles Barkley was quick to mock the city of San Antonio, its famous Riverwalk, and especially the women of San Antonio pointing out their weight. Barkley would later admit he was kidding except for the comments on the city’s women.

So leave it to former Cole High School standout and San Antonio resident Shaquille O’Neal to beat up on “Sir Charles”… kind of.

Check out this funny video of Shaq tearing into and eating a pinata version of “The Chuckster.” Something I know many Spurs fans would love to do to vent their frustrations and especially after Chuck made those remarks towards the Alamo City.


Smile Spurs fans. If any team can come back and win two straight is this teams.