Video: Raising Manu Ginobili


San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili has come a long way since growing up in Argentina. He has won three NBA titles, an Olympic gold medal, been an NBA All-Star, is adored by Spurs fans through out the globe, and much more.

He is destined to have his named among those in the Basketball Hall of Fame but how did it all begin? Where did Manu take his first steps to becoming one of the best NBA players of this era?

Well who better to answer these questions than Ginobili’s own mother.

Check out this video of Manu’s mom (Raquel Ginobili) talking about her son including her struggles seeing him leave home, how much of a good student he was, how outgoing he was as a kid, and how proud she is seeing many fans wear Ginobili’s jersey number and much more.

The video is enough to make any Spurs fan feel Ginobili’s mother’s pride in her son and might make you shed a tear.