Video: Patty Mills says he hasn’t reached his peak


Professional athletes like to spend their off season in various kinds of ways.  For some it is vacationing in a tropical, while others go back to the home country to unwind.

For Patty Mills, this off season getaway took him back home to his native country of Australia to play with Team Australia at the Oceania Tournament. 

During his trip back home, Mills was featured on an Australian TV segment where he spoke about going to the NBA Finals with the San Antonio Spurs, not being at his basketball peak yet, being a role model and much more.


Unfortunately, "Pat Stacks" and his Art of the Towel Wave, was not available for this interview which was a true shame.

Nevertheless, Mills will be fighting for minutes in a crowded roster of guards for San Antonio. He knows he will be showing he has what it takes to play more minutes next season but made it clear he has no issues walking away from the Spurs if it doesn't work out.

So Spurs’ fans, how do you feel about having Mills back on the bench for your San Antonio Spurs?

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