Video: ‘Pat Stack’ rally towels for a good cause


In today’s NBA with such a prevalent “me” first attitude it is refreshing when you get a player who works hard but still embraces the team first attitude and his role. 

In an Sports Illustrated article written in 1994, David Robinson stated that players get paid handsomely to sit on the bench but when you look at them, they look like someone kicked their dog.  He went on to say that he would be grabbing a towel and cheering his tail off for the players that were on the court.

Current Spur, Patty Mills must have been listening.  Often during San Antonio Spurs games you can see him leading the cheer and waving his towel.  Amazing in the previous Project Spurs article, Mills shows the various ways to wave a towel.

Today we have “The Coyote” along with Mills and his new friend "Pat Stack" giving some finer points on waving the newly introduced Spurs Rally towels with the proceeds supporting the Silver and Black Give Back Youth Programs and Kinetic Kids.




















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