Video: Nando De Colo, Tony Parker are ‘Blue Avengers’

With enough editing, and a heavy soundtrack, you can make any NBA player seem like a legitimate superstar.
Even Nando De Colo, who boasts career averages of 3.8 points, 1.9 rebounds and 1.9 assists per game in one season.
I'm not necessarily knocking De Colo; he's a NBA caliber player, obviously, and his main deterrent is the fluidity of the San Antonio Spurs' backcourt — well, and his maddening tendency to turn the ball over, too. 
But he can facilitate reasonably well in a pick-and-roll, and contribute other fun guard stuff. Like behind the back needles to a shooter in the corner. And no look drop off passes through the unsuspecting cracks of a defense. And pull-up mid-range shots, when his defender gets caught in a screen.
As for Tony Parker, well, one doesn't need to add intense, heroic music to show just how great of a basketball player he is. Just lok at his accomplishments since playing in the NBA.
Though I don't buy the staying power of this nickname, "Blue Avengers," (derived from Team France's name "Les Blues") but check out Nando and Tony light up  the court for France and the Spurs in the videos below