Video: Nando De Colo puts on a show at LNB All-Star Game


The doldrums of the NBA offseason is in full swing and many San Antonio Spurs fans are chomping at the bit to see their favorite team back on the court and chasing title number five.

San Antonio hasn't done much as far as adding new faces to the team except for signing French guard Nando De Colo who they drafted in 2009. 

Spurs fans have been weighing in on De Colo and what exactly he can bring to the table for the team. Many got to see what he can do on the court in small doses during the 2012 Olympic Games for the French National Team but other than that, he remains a hot topic among the Spurs faithful.

And if you still haven't had your fill of seeing Nando in action, then check out this montage of his highlights from the LNB 2006-07 All-Star game where he showed off spectacular passing, great court awareness, and much more to make Spurs fans drool in anticipation of seeing him to the same for San Antonio next season.

My favorite highlight from Nando… the fake, behind-the-back pass which leads to a wrap around pass for an easy basket for his teammate. Insane! Don't forget to leave your thoughts on De Colo and your favorite play from the video below.