Video: Michael Finley can still ball, practices with the Badgers


Former San Antonio Spurs guard Michael Finley may be getting up in age basketball-wise but that sure hasn’t stopped him from lacing up his sneakers and running the court at his alma mater University of Wisconsin.

Finley, along with fellow alum Devin Harris, recently took part in a Badger’s practice during the NBA lockout and leave it to coach Bo Ryan to make sure Finley gets the full practice treatment.

From 5-on-5 drills, sit-ups, passing drills and more, Finley wasn’t immune from the drills but Finley took it all in stride.

“It was fun to play against these young guys at Wisconsin,” Finley said. “Coach Ryan opened the doors for me, not only here at the University, but as his house as well. So I’m going to keep him to that when I need a place to stay out here.”

So if Finely can still run on the court, and live through an entire college practice, who is to say he can’t lace them up one more time for the Spurs? Sure he might have logged 17-years in the NBA but you know Popovich sure does like veteran players. And when it came to Finely, Pop tended to use him a lot on the court.

Check out video of Finley, along with Harris, talking about Wisconsin basketball including Harris implying how old Finely is when it comes to knowing Badger practices.