Video: Lola Bunny loves Manu Ginobili


There are probably certain times during an NBA player’s career when they know they have made it.

He can be named to the All-Star squad, asked to make a cameo on a movie, be featured in a commercial or see his face on a box of Wheaties and much more to verify he is a legit star in the NBA.

But then there’s being mentioned in a cartoon when an animated rabbit professes her love for a particular player such as the case of San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili.

Sure, Manu may be spotlighted in San Antonio’s HEB grocery commercials, been to the All-Star game, won three NBA titles, and adored by all of Argentina but nothing can compare to Looney Tunes character Lola Bunny professing her deep love for Ginobili at the four minute point of video below.

I sure hope Manu’s wife doesn’t feel threatened.