Video: ‘Lie Witness News’ Spurs Edition where ‘Tony Stark’ is team owner


After last night's San Antonio Spurs' tough loss to the Miami Heat in Game 4, Spurs fans could use a chuckle or two today. Luckily "Jimmy Kimmel Live" is here to give Spurs fans some much-needed laughs today.

During the NBA Finals, the show has been going a segment called "Lie Witness News" where fans of both the Spurs and Heat are interviewed about their favorite team and are asked blatantly wrong question about their team just to see if they will lie.

And they sure did.

From the Spurs running the "rhombus-style" offense, a fan's take on Spurs' owner, "Ironman" himself, "Tony Stark," to how effective "Kawhi Me A River" will be shooting from the three-point line, it seems these Spurs fans may not really know the silver and black.