Video: LeBron bricks two shots, proceeds to dunk on a kid


Blame it on the NBA lockout, or a long absence away from the court but Miami Heat’s LeBron James seems like he is itching for some hardwood action and doesn’t care who gets in his way.

Even children.

While James was in London making an appearance at the London School of Basketball, James was asked if he can show his jump-shot to the audience. After James clanks a couple of shots, he goes one-on-one with a kid and proceeds to take him to the rim and dunk on him (via


Aside from the obvious hook James gave the kid to get around him, what gets me is how smug James acts after the throw down. James just stares down the kid, and smiles to the crowd.

LeBron, you dunked on a kid! Where is that type of intensity in the fourth quarter of high-pressure games?

OK I get it, it was all in fun but James could have thrown the kid a bone and let him steal the ball, and finish with a layup. Heck, lift the kid up to the rim so he can dunk. Give the little guy some time in the spotlight. It’s bad enough his reputation isn’t what it used to be. Besides, this wasn’t the first time James crushed one on a kid.

By the way, what is it with NBA players abusing children on the court? Dwayne Wayne had his moment when he blocked a kid’s shot and went on to taunt him.